Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants Laboratory supports the delivery of quality healthcare to patients served. The lab provides accurate clinical diagnostic disciplines of chemistry, joint fluid analysis, hematology, coagulation, bacteriology, immunology and urinalysis.

IIMC performs clinical diagnostic procedures in the above listed disciplines. These procedures and all operations of IIMC adhere to the high QA standards and meet all applicable regulatory guidelines.

For those procedures not performed on-site, IIMC uses the services of a federally certified clinical diagnostic lab, unless the patients insurance dictates otherwise.

On-site testing services are available on a daily basis from 6:45 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday unless otherwise posted.

Test Results
IIMC Lab will prepare and furnish test results to your healthcare provider, often within 4 hours of your visit. If results are to be sent to individuals outside of IIMC, providing either the fax or mailing address to the phlebotomist will assure its delivery.

General:  (317) 885-2860 ext 4845
Testing:  (317) 885-2860 ext 4913
Admin:    (317) 859-9131
Fax: (317) 859-1446

COLA:  010606
CLIA:   15D0354290