Let our skilled providers help you maximize your quality of life. By providing the best care, we get to the root of complex medical issues and provide timely, expert care so patients feel and live better.

  • Internal Medicine

    Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants (IIMC) provides timely, expert care in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases.

    (317) 885-2860

  • Respiratory & Sleep

    The Center for Respiratory & Sleep Medicine (CRSM) has the facilities and expertise to quickly diagnose respiratory and sleep conditions so patients breathe and sleep easier.

    (317) 885-2334

  • Primary Care

    Indiana Primary Care Associates (IPCA) goes the extra mile to address health issues through prevention and wellness.

    (317) 883-4736

  • Infectious Disease

    Indiana Infectious Disease Consultants (IIDC) uncovers complex infections and prescribes appropriate treatment.

    (317) 885-2860